Monday, December 28, 2009

A Homeschooler's Christmas Break

These are my youngest two children, both 7th graders, on our first day of Christmas Break.
Oddly enough this scene doesn't look much different from when school is in session. Just an hour before this picture was stealthily taken these two were cheering and dancing around the living room celebrating the start of vacation. I had to smile when I saw them like this and realized that they really have developed a habit of reading when it isn't required of them. It is the seemingly small things like this that encourages me in our homeschooling endeavors!


  1. Beautiful! I hope that's what my students are doing! It's definitely what I want to do!
    I didn't make it to the library today though. Maybe tomorrow. What are the seventh graders reading?

  2. My dd is reading The Hobbit again and my son, well, I am not sure, but I suspect it is a joke book. We are the lucky recipients of his new found humor. =)

  3. I love seeing my kiddos reading outside of school time.