Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peppermint Brownie Bites

I've posted this very sweet pepperminty treat over on my recipe blog.  It is super yummy but just a little dab will do ya!


  1. Oh, I love your new blog. I'll really be looking forward to your book notes and thoughts, your recipes, and the creative things you do. I've loved that quote since I first read it (you were the one who introduced me to it), and it makes a perfect blog quote and title!

    Love what you've posted so far. Those peppermint bites look sooooo good! And I've always wondered about Elizabeth Berg, so I appreciate your comments on her, too. (I trust your judgment and appreciate your warnings.)


  2. Thank you, Susan. You are always such an encourager.

    I realized I didn't post the link to the peppermint bites. I've fixed that.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Those peppermint bites looks delicious. I'll have to check out the recipe and tuck them away for Christmas.