Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simple Joys

* Shopping for school supplies.  We really don't require much in the way of school supplies because of the way we home school, mostly just paper and pens, but I love opening boxes of our favorite mechanical pencils all with new pink erasers fully intact.  Something about seeing them in bulk is such a nice change after having to hunt them down and finding them with eraser nubs.  I was very excited to find a pencil bag that is just the right size for my knitting needles.  

* Date Night out with my husband who is spending more time at home thanks to finding a pastoral candidate and not having to work overtime.

* A new to me vehicle! I am no longer a minivan mama! We have another driver coming up the ranks who needs a car so she gets my van.

* Swimming with friends, sunshine, cool water on a hot day, our kids all playing water ninja and having a good time. This was probably the last swim of the season for us. 

* Spending quiet days at home, a good start to the school year, and an interesting curriculum to study.  I am enjoying learning along side my children.

* Summer Bible study on Peace.  This study was 6 lessons that focused on 6 Scriptures that pertain to putting aside anxiety and worry and focusing on the peace of God.  It facilitated faith building and convicting conversation and knit our group together in a closer way.  There are more in this series and I hope our group of ladies will study a few more of these.

* Rain and cool breezes. Fall is coming!

* A promotion for my husband and a celebratory steak dinner- best steak ever!

Purple toes. 
* A purple pedicure!  And my first manicure.  This type of thing is not routine for me, but did my aching feet and legs enjoy that massage! 

* Losing 10 pounds in August....even after sharing a piece of lemon cake as big as shoe box with my husband.  I haven't had a coke since July which is a pretty big deal for me.  

* Listening to Trey and Anna practice the guitar.  I am recognizing the tunes they are playing.  Thank goodness! 

I would love to hear your simple joys! 


  1. I enjoyed reading your simple joys. One of the reasons I keep a blog is so I can appreciate the multitude of simple pleasures in my day, it leads to such contentment.

  2. As always, I love reading your simple joys, and I'd love to eat a piece of lemon cake as big as a shoebox all by myself! :-) Yum. Love those purple toes. And it's fun to feel little signs of autumn in the air, isn't it? It seems early, but there are little hints of it here, too. (Must make pumpking chocolate chip muffins!) Okay, I don't' have a blog, so I'll share my recent simple joys here:

    ~finishing a big writing project within the deadline

    ~climbing to the summit of a beautiful 10,000+ foot mountain; reaching the top was definitely exhilarating, but the entire journey was truly a joy-- what a gorgeous hike it was

    ~perfectly ripe, sweet peaches; oh, heaven! I wait all year for these to come back in season

    ~this coffee I'm drinking; wow, is it good

    ~seeing my obviously pregnant (and joyful) daughter carry this baby to more than 20 weeks now after two previous miscarriages; it's her first baby

    ~the fact that my grown children contact me in one way or another every single day; sweet!

    ~reading (yet again) The Journals of Alexander Schmemann-- such a kindred spirit

    ~the amazing, loving faithfulness and goodness of God

    ~reading your blog! :-)

  3. Making a nice dinner that everyone liked.

    Half falling asleep while snuggling with my daughter as we all watched an nature dvd.

    Oh, too tired to think of any more. How about a comfy bed?

  4. Hi Leslie!
    I liked reading your simple joys, too. At the moment, my simple joys are pink flannel pajama pants and my soft bed. We had Back To School Night and I'm all talked out. love love

  5. Cute shoes.

    You got a car? A real car? Not a mama-mobile? Do tell.

    Congrats on the pastoral candidate. I pray that goes well for the church. Also congrats on Mike's promotion. Good stuff.

  6. Rita, Those shoes are my planters facittis (sp?) shoes. Note: only ONE velcro strap. I think I need to be in my 50's before I buy shoes with TWO velcro straps. It is terrible not to be able to wear whatever cute shoes I want. :)

    I got a gold Honda pilot and I love it. It's peppy (very important), it way comfy and it still will seat us all in a pinch. Room for my tall peeps. (Can you believe Trey is 6ft???? Some ancestor somewhere must have been tall but we didn't know them.)

    August felt like the month we came out of the desert and are looking toward the promised land. Thanks be to God!!!

  7. So Happy for you Leslie, on all fronts and praising God with you for all His blessings!
    My sinple joys for today:
    ~taking time to enjoy the countryside
    ~reading a book
    ~taking a lovely nap
    ~creating an aromatic tomato sauce to go along with my spaghetti
    ~the company of family and friends
    ~the rains that fell later today to refresh the earth....
    Blessings to you on this new school year!

  8. What a great post! I found your blog through twtm.

    My simple joys right now are:
    quiet time before the boys get up!
    thinking of my to-be-born grandchild!
    when my teen boys give me a "real" hug... that's the best!

    I am at Come visit me!

  9. This is a lovely list! Sounds like a beautiful ending to summer!

    Our simple joy is celebrating God's timing in bring our wee daughters one step closer to HOME!

    Blessings my friend!

  10. Wonderful post! It's fun to think about the simple things that make us happy. For me, it's walking my silly dog in the morning. He's so full of life and beauty.

    And looking at my children when they're sleeping.

    And drinking coffee with cream.



  11. Ahhhhhh.......I am enjoying your lists. Thanks for taking a minute to share with me and encourage me this way!

  12. I always love reading your simple joys. One of mine is cool nights with crickets chirping.


  13. Listening to my kids practice their music is definitely on my list. Morning coffee before everyone has gotten up. The smell of fall. Walks in the rain-I love to walk in the rain. The sunflowers that volunteer all over my yard. Babies when they wake up all groggy and want to be held. New tubes of paint. Walking around art supply stores.

    But wait, I thought the weather was blazing hot year round in Texas. You get rain and breezes?

  14. Great list - I like to sit outdoors int he morning with my coffee and just take all the lovely scene in, snuggle with my cats and a good book, take my camera on a drive in my town looking for a new road or spot.

  15. yay! what is it about new mechanical pencils that makes me want to shout for joy?! it IS the erasers... just like you said! wonderful! it is fun to find your blog! thanks for stopping by mine. Your kids are awesome!

    my simple joys:
    movie night.
    boys who admit crying at the moving parts.


    amy in peru