Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cranberries, Pumpkins, and Fire Alarms

What a night. A battery in one of our fire alarms started going out and the dang thing beeped all night. 

It is a piercing, knife in the brain sort of beep.  After all, it is designed to wake you from the deepest of sleeps.

But apparently my sweet husband, who sleeps like a baby, is immune to its sound.  That is not exactly comforting.  He had already gotten up once to deal with it and I couldn't bring myself to wake him again.  He has had a stressful week and has to get up super early.

It was so bad the dog decided to sleep with Ryan which is the first time in history for him to ever do this willingly. I struggled with feeling a bit offended but then I decided that what typically seems like a not very smart dog had the right idea.  I should have followed his lead and gone upstairs to sleep, too.  

This morning I feel weak and fragile and have taken a migraine pill. I would have confessed to anything or told you all my secrets to make that noise stop.  Thankfully it is off now and Mike thinks he can have the whole thing remedied tonight.  I was so glad this happened while he was home.  What if he had been out of town?  Yikes. 

So, in other news, it is finally fall here in Texas and I have decided it is a rotten time to be trying to lose weight. I've been stuck on this same 5 pounds for way too long.  Food.  I just like to eat it.  And the cool weather and all the delicious fall foods doesn't really help.  But I am not giving up.  I am just going to complain.  Great technique, eh?

I made my favorite gingerbread pumpkin cake for the kids and have only had a nibble which I consider a huge feat because this is so yummy and one of my All Time Favorites.  I left off the icing because it is moist enough without it, I didn't want the kids feeling guilty eating it for breakfast (right), and because it is way less tempting for me that way (which is the real reason).

There is cream cheese hidden under that salsa!

And guess what?!? Cranberry season has begun!  I spotted cranberries at my local Kroger last week!  This delicious cranberry salsa has been on my mind ever since.  When a friend gave me home grown jalapenos I took it as a clear sign. This is now marinating in the fridge and waiting to be taken to a Mom's Night Out tonight. I plan on it being my dinner and I might even share it with the other ladies.  We'll see.

Maybe there is a diet plan that incorporates a fire alarm. That might actually do the trick.


  1. sorry about the sleepless night! yuck! and i like your diet plan! complain away!

  2. The fire alarm would just make me so stressed out I would want to eat more than ever. The alarm went off when I was babysitting my grandson last year. I thought I would lose my mind before I managed to unplug it - at least I think that's what I did - but he never woke up! It was unbelievable.

  3. Oh my friend, I feel your pain! Sleeplessness, migraine, and the oh so tempting foods! I don't know how I'm going to lose twenty pounds. May I complain with you :o)? That cake sounds divine and so does the cranberry salsa recipe!


  4. Our crazy alarm went off in the middle of the night recently and I just pulled the battery till the next morning. Ugh. I can't imagine listening to it all night long.

    The fall foods look so scrumptch! I made pumpkin-choco chips muffins the other day and have eaten my fair share every day since.


  5. Yikes! You poor thing! That's funny that Little Doggie decided to take drastic action!
    Fall is a food laden time of year, isn't it?

  6. I hear you on the fall foods..but, then again..I can find reason to eat during ANY season. :D

  7. Oh, that pumpkin cake recipe looks wonderful! You temptress!

    I'm sorry about the fire alarm. I am absolutely incapable of sleeping through any irritating noise; I would have had to go out to the car (though I probably would have done what Jody did and ripped out the batteries).

    I noticed the cranberries, too. Have you ever strung them at Christmas time? Very pretty!


  8. *UGH* Why do those detector thingies go off in the middle of the night? I feel your pain, sweetie.. and apparently the dog is a pretty smart cookie.
    I have trouble with my weight this time of year because I'm active in the summer but when cold weather comes, I slow down. (And so does my metabolism.)
    The cake sounds yummy! I love spice cakes and carrot cakes.

  9. I love anything pumpkin..or gingerbread..or spice! I have the same diet trouble...I just love to eat,lol!

  10. Mmmm...that looks so good. I saw your recipe and was thinking that would be good with cream cheese frosting!!!

  11. sorry about the horrible night you had with the fire alarm...that just stinks. both of the recipes sound wonderful...and it doesn't help that it's almost dinner time and I'm starving!

  12. Oh heavens - I hate loud screaching sounds like that -- especially in the middle of the night! No wonder you had to take a migraine pill.
    Good looking recipes! I can't make good salsa to save my life -- must try your recipe.
    And yes, they do teach sock knitting classes at The Woolie Ewe. If you google them, you'll find their website, and you can explore the classes they're offering. Plus you might want to sign up for their emails which will keep you informed of upcoming events and sales. They have Ella Rae Superwash for 6.99 right now - good price and good yarn for making washable kid's things. And yes, I bought some ;).

  13. Your pumpkin ginger cake looks fabulous! I know how it goes with headaches, I have many 3 day headaches and it's pretty miserable.
    Thanks for the comment over at the mother huddle on my soup. Your blog looks quite interesting and I like your book list. The Help book was just wonderful so much better than the movie.