Monday, January 2, 2012

Feathering My Nest

This idea for an organized coat closet has been brewing in the back of mind for a while, but it was going to call for a trip to IKEA. My inner hermit must do much to mentally prepare to face such a trip into the abyss of All Things Particle Board and Assembly Required.

Thanks to IKEA's Fintorp rails and some J.C. Penney drapery rings we picked up our gloves, hats and scarves can all be stored in one handy place.  I just like saying Fintorp.
I also packed away all the Christmas decorations and we got everything back up in the attic without falling or over straining. This is quite the accomplishment because the attic is way up high. I knew you would want to see this duck ornament that I bought to commemorate our first Christmas in our "Duck House."  

Look how cute he is! The duck collection grows.

Anna, my newly turned 15 year old, has been busy, too.  She finished knitting a sweater for our not-so-thrilled Little Doggie.  The wearing of the sweater was preceded by a bath which added insult to injury. You can tell by his expression that he is miffed with us. He won't even look at me.

"Come on, Little Doggie. Turn that frown upside down."
And then I did something very fun. I ordered three books from Amazon and discovered one of my book wishes had been granted on Paperback Swap.  
(If you haven't checked out Paperback Swap you really should. My favorite feature is that I can "wish" for books and once a member enters it into the system they will email me and give me the chance to order it if I still want it. You don't pay for these books, you simply send your gently used books to members thus earning points to order books you want from other members.) 
I am excited about reading these. I don't make those depressing New Year's Resolutions but I think my choice of books gives you some idea of what I am thinking and hoping for the New Year.
This is my granted wish book from PBS. I don't remember where I read about it but I would like to hone my Bible study skills and this book looks like a good help in doing that.

I saw this book recommended in a flyer from BSF I knew I wanted it because I would like to focus on improving and deepening my prayer life.

I saw this book reviewed by Cindy yesterday and it struck a chord with me. I've read John's Revelation several times in the past few months and I need help making sense of it all. As an Eschatophobe (another word I really like) the eschatological bent of this book appealed to me. 
I've wanted this book for sometime mainly because I am a broken person and I tend to attract broken people into my life. (Are there any other kind?)
I was so worn out from all my hard work and so very hungry that I had to fix bacon, avocado, chipotle cheese sandwiches filled with thinly sliced onions, red peppers and tomatoes.  Yum, yum.
I wish you all a very happy and blessed New Year and really good food all year long!


  1. love your description of ikea. oy! :)

    and love that you have a total theme for your home there! ducks r us - er, you! :)

    poor pup!

  2. I love all your photos! The duck, the doggie, and the organized scarves and gloves! I need a trip to IKEA soon too.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Ha ha! I've only been to IKEA once. I must try it again.
    Fun = all those new books!
    I like your duck house!
    Oh, and poor Little Doggie! Tell him he looks stunning in his new sweater!

  4. I have that same duck but he is about a foot tall!
    Aw,little Doggie is cute! One of our dogs loves to wear clothes and the other one hates it!

  5. Look at that well-organized closet! I am in need of organization just now. Love the duckie ornament and the sandwich you described at the end sounds like something Hubs and I would like to eat for supper.


  6. I have closet envy! What a great job you did!
    Love the duckie (I see a theme here ;), and your little dog is a scream! Our pup does that 'I'm not gonna look at you' thing too -- when he's aggravated. If I pay too much attention to my favorite fluff kitty, Bud turns his back on me -- silly old dog.
    Oh, and great book suggestions -- thank you Dahling!

  7. You are amazing...the idea for your scarf and winter accessories is outstanding! I am going to try and implement something like it in my mud room area.

    Your sandwich sounds amazing too.

  8. I love your organizational creativity. Great idea! Enjoy the book.. I don't do new year's resolutions either...but a good book through the mail is always a joy.

  9. I like saying "fintorp", too! Fun! Your sandwiches sound quite yummy. Please send one to me right away.

    Nice closet!


  10. I think you might need a "missions trip" to help me get organized!

  11. Okay, that doggie is too cute! His expression is priceless~ thanks for the much needed chuckle today.
    Sounds like a wonderful reading list in your future!
    Your sandwiches sound so yummy... any leftovers? :)

  12. Ummm, serious yum on the sandwiches! I hope you will give a bit of review on the books you have read because they all sound like very good reads. Poor Little Doggie :o). Little does he realize how cozy he will be on a chilly morning walk. What a great way to organize your scarves. I'm going to have to keep that in mind for my closet.


  13. Your closet looks fabulous! And that expression on Little Doggie is priceless! He will appreciate that sweater one day. - Those books all sound interesting. Praying the Attributes of God looks especially appealing. I am going to see if my library has it! - And YUM on the sandwich front. That is making my mouth water! I think that I am going to try that!

  14. That's a cool organizer keeps everything together. Your doggie will thank the knitter for his winter coat when it snows!

  15. i love the closet organizing!!

  16. I love the inside closet door organization! I'm looking to do something similar and was wondering: are the rods screwed directly into your door? And if so, am I correct in assuming that you have solid wood doors? I'm trying to tackle this project in a rental, without solid doors. Hoping you can answer my questions. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ahna, My doors are the builder grade/not solid sort but I was asking my husband about this and he said that even though they are hollow they have a solid wood frame about an 1 1/2-2 inches from the edge of the door and that is where he placed the rod's screws. Does that make sense? I hope you can make it work.