In Love with Sepia

My husband, one of the most unromantic man in the world (doesn't do birthdays, doesn't do anniversaries) bought me flowers right after Father's Day. I'd told him what a great Dad he'd been till now. To be a great Dad it helps if there is a great wife and mother is what he said as he handed me the flowers. Not bad for an unromantic guy! Beautiful alstromeirias. He won't remember but I had these in my wedding bouquet all those many years ago. Still playing around with my camera settings, it has a retro setting which I was a bit sniffy about until I tried it. I'm totally converted now. Another setting for Sepia. Normally I'd disdain using this kind of thing in-camera, that's what we've got Photoshop for after all. But I do so like this shade of brown. Couldn't resist photographing the beautiful paper the flowers came in, um, don't remember what this setting was. Maybe I might be in love with sepia after all. I mean, how cool is that? I have somewhere some pictures from an old book on flowers that look just like this but i can't find them. Will see if I can dig them out to show you. Till the next time.