Happy Canadian ThanksGiving

Lots of turkey, family and friends this past weekend. Not enough exercise. I was just too busy getting the house clean, turkey & ham cooked and so on for this ThanksGiving. Had fresh potatoes, carrots and beets right out of my garden. Dug them right out from under 6 inches of snow, but they were well worth it. And yes I did say 6" of the white stuff. Snowed early here this year. I was driving home on the highway when it hit and it was horrible. Thick, white, heavy stuff that made visibility impossible. The joys of living out in the country and driving those highways. So back to that not enough exercise comment above. I've got to do something and do something soon. My hips hurt all the time now. Especially if I have been sitting for a long period of time. And lately, I've done too much of that. I am implementing a new technology for our company have had to travel lately to another city to show some of the business folks how to use the product. 
Since this city is only 3 hours away from my home, I've had to drive. Spending three solid hours in my truck seat causes pain. And then 5 days of sitting in training rooms, training users to use the technology doesn't help either. I have almost a fully equipped gym in my basement because I live in the country and getting to a gym isn't easy (actually convenient would be the honest truth). And obviously getting up early in the morning to use the stuff isn't so easy for me either. I'm actually looking forward to the time change so that I can just get up the same time I am now. It's all in the mind but with the clock stating an hour earlier, I will be able to get up and then head to the basement to do one of my DVD's or stomp on my treadmill. I have never dealt well with the spring clock change and manage much better in the fall. So I am going to sign off now and head downstairs and get walking. I hope you are all doing great! Have a fantastic day!

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